Complaints Procedure

At Letability, we take complaints personally.

There are lots of ‘fine’ words on this website but they are not there just for show. They are there because it is what we truly believe. So if we fail to deliver you what we promised, then it hurts. And we want to put it right. 

As a proud member of ARLA, Letability is fully committed to dealing with customer complaints in an efficient and professional manner by following the procedure laid down in the ARLA Publication that deals with customer complaints. But we would always hope that matters will never get quite that formal.

If you have an issue, we will work to provide a satisfactory solution to your problem at the earliest opportunity. Our staff are not paid to argue with you nor to wear you down. We want a solution to the problem just as much as you do.

You can contact us in whichever way is easiest for you – whether that be by email, in writing or over phone – all the relevant details are here.

When everything is going well, everyone is happy.  But when something goes wrong – and it always does at some point because we are human – that’s when a company is truly challenged to ‘step up to the plate’. At Letability, we love challenges!

We hope to never hear from you on this subject but if we do, we sincerely hope that you will have the best experience that you could wish for under the circumstances!

Craig Balchin.

Managing Director – Letability Limited.

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Letability is an ARLA Propertymark (Association of Residential Letting Agents) licensed firm which gives you, our customer, a great deal of protection. Letability can be found in the ARLA register here. Craig Balchin is MARLA qualified and his registration number is M0221278.  Click here to find out what it is like to work with an ARLA Propertymark Registered Agent (click here for the Wales version).

Letability is registered with The Property Ombudsman (TPO) which provides an independent redress scheme that is free of charge to the public. Letability can be found in the TPO register (you will need to enter Letability Limited into the search box). Our registration number is 11653340. Letability also complies with the TPO’s Trading Standards approved Code of Practice.

Letability is also registered with Rent Smart Wales which is the body that grants licences to Landlords and Letting Agents in Wales so that they comply with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014. Letability is registered under Licence Number:#LR-68086-25845