The Letability Difference

At Letability, we recognise how important you are and our landlords do too.

We want your experience to be a great one and we want you to stay with us for as long as you are in the property rental market.

We think it’s refreshing. We think it’s fair. And we think you’ll like it!

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Doing the right thing...

Take a look around our website and you’ll see that we go far and beyond what we’re legally required to do. Some of those things don’t cost us anything while others do.

But in our view, it’s what great customer service is all about and it is what you deserve (because we would want the same!). 

If you are happy, then your landlord is happy and so are we.

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...to help each other

But remember, you have your part to play as well. 

When you become a Letability tenant, you will take possession of great home and it is your responsibility to keep it that way. 

We ask you to pay your rent on time and to take care of any minor issues such as replacing bulbs and batteries. If there is a maintenance issue, we expect you to report it as soon as possible so that it does not grow into a big issue. We ask you to abide by the provisions of the Tenancy Agreement that you have signed in both the spirit and the Law.

Your landlord will approach things in the same way. The property that you are offered will be clean and tidy and in a good state of repair. If there are issues during the tenancy, they will attend to them (through Letability) to ensure that the property is maintained in a good condition.

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Great landlords...

Before we take on a new landlord, we carry out due diligence on both the landlord and the property to ensure that the tenancy that we offer is perfect. 

So when you see a property offered by Letability, you can be confident it’s a great property. 

If there are any issues that we consider need to be resolved, we will not agree to offer the property to a new tenant until those issues are resolved. Similarly, during your tenancy, we will ensure that everything progresses as it should and ensure that we satisfy our obligations to you.

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and Great Tenants...

Similarly, before we are able to offer you a property, we will need to carry out a series of checks on you to assess your ability to meet the rental payments. 

If you fail those checks and you are not able to offer a suitable guarantor, then unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you a tenancy. 

However, should we offer a tenancy and experience problems during that tenancy, we would probably not be able to offer another tenancy in the future. 

In the same way that tenants will come to rely on Letability to offer quality homes, landlords will look to Letability to offer them quality tenants. 

We think this is only fair.

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together make... A great Partnership!

As a tenant, you want a property that is well looked after that you can call home.

Your landlord and Letability will want exactly the same for you.

The Letability difference means that when you see a property advertised by us, you can be confident that it will give you the best experience possible.

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Still have questions?  Our FAQs section has a lot of answers but if you are still stuck, get in touch and we’ll get straight back to you.

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