What we Do

At Letability, we go that little bit further to ensure that our tenants are the happiest around.

It’s important to us that you enjoy a safe, secure and trouble free tenancy and we’ll work our little socks off ensure that it happens for you.

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Our Philosophy

From the outset, we treat the relationship between our landlord, ourselves and you as a partnership.

That may come as a bit of a surprise to you – especially if you’ve had some experience of letting agents in the past – but it is just one of the ways we are different.

You’ll notice that Letability treats both its tenants and landlords with a great deal of respect. You only have to browse a little around this website to see that.

And the reason is that, without you, we would not exist – and neither would our landlords!

After all, we are a business and we have great aspirations – not just for now but for well into the future. So once you join us, we want to be so good that you’ll never ever leave us.

And the same philosophy applies to the way we treat our landlords. 

We want to be the sort of letting agency that you’d be proud to take home to Mum!

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What we want

We’ll come straight out with it.

At Letability, we only want great tenants. Tenants who will pay their rent on time, report maintenance issues when they should and generally take care of the property and its surroundings.

In return, you’ll get a great property owned by a great landlord and fully managed by Letability.

(It may be worth saying here that Letability fully manages all the properties that it offers so in the majority of cases, we will be your first and only point of contact during the tenancy.)

If we are asked to manage a property that is not up to our exact standards, we will not offer that property until it is. As a result, we only want the best tenants to make it their home.

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Our Promise to you

In the past, tenants were often treated as no more than an annoyance. And to be honest, in a lot of cases, landlords were not treated much better either. 

But times are changing and letting agents are facing stiffer regulation which should go some way to improving things – but the changes will take time to filter through.

At Letability, we will always operate not just to the letter of the law but in the full spirit of the law too. But at Letability you will get more. 

At Letability we believe in offering exceptional customer service. Take a look at what we offer our tenants and hopefully, you will agree.

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Still have questions?  Our FAQs section has a lot of answers but if you are still stuck, get in touch and we’ll get straight back to you.

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